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What if you chose to help an organization with your dormant cryptos/ stablecoins ? Admittedly, it's still a bit like hibernation that we've experienced in the cryptocurrency world ...

Why not contribute them positively by taking some of your USDC/USDT, Bitcoin₿ or even your dormant ETHs and you contribute them to the HOPE association?

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Declared non-profit

HOPE helps women during and after cancer through horse riding therapy, painting, but also through singing.

I founded the association in 2017 with Nicolas Chopin, oncologist at the “Léon Bérard ” center in Lyon, who treated me when I was suffering from breast cancer.
Breast cancer, early stage cancer of the uterus and a recently discovered melanoma have made me aware of the absolute necessity of preventive examinations. So in 2021 we added a prevention component to all our actions.

HOPE is based on equestrian therapy, but also on the concept of the group and mutual support. All of the women we help experience a difficult course of treatment and an immense sense of loneliness in the face of the disease.

In 2022 we will celebrate our fifth anniversary.

Today, HOPE consists of five branches in France: Maisons-Laffitte , Saint-Martin- Lestra , Pertuis , Vigneux -de-Bretagne and Sablonnières , as well as the headquarters in Saint - Cergues in Haute-Savoie.

In this way we were able to help over 400 women, most of whom are doing well today and have regained their lives.

I often ask them if we need to improve anything in their care. The most common answer is: "Take a picture of us when we come and then when we leave because we're not the same anymore"!

Donate and encourage those around you to do the same.

Then you too can help to help these women who often cross cancer like a desert.

Today, each treatment costs the organization just over 1,000 euros per woman. Our goal is to open a HOPE center less than 200 km away from every woman with cancer.

And the 25 voluntary HOPTIMISTS



The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Thanks to all.
THANK YOU for the Hoptimists !
Annabel Brourhant ,
Founder of HOPE

Here are our virtual wallet addresses:



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150 chemin de la Vy du Puits F- 74140 SAINT-CERGUES
06 77 14 34 98